Line Card Design

Employing a professional graphic designer ensures that your line card, which serves as a vital menu for your business offerings, receives expert attention to detail, expertly optimized layout, and visual elements that maximize impact.

CONCISE INTRODUCTION: A well-crafted line card is a concise introduction to your business offerings, offering prospects a clear and efficient overview.

ENHANCED READABILITY: Visual cues, columns, white space, color, and text hierarchy are expertly used to guide the eye around the page, making your line card easy to read and navigate.

DISTINCT BRANDING: Professional design ensures your logo is distinct from vendor logos, preventing any confusion among prospects and preserving your business’s identity.

What’s included:

  • Initial Consultation: We kick things off with an email or phone conversation to understand your company’s specific needs. This includes discussing the type of line card required, preferred colors, and reviewing any design examples you admire.
  • Swift Drafting: Within 4-5 business days, you’ll receive an initial draft design to get the process underway.
  • Unlimited Revisions: I’m committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction, so I offer unlimited revisions to fine-tune the design until it’s perfect for your business.
  • Final Delivery: Once the design is just right, I provide you with print-ready PDF files, complete with instructions on when to use each file for your convenience.
  • Printing Services: If desired, I offer printing services at an additional cost to bring your line card to life in tangible form.
  • Editable PDF Option: For added flexibility, I can turn some areas of your line card PDF into an editable format (extra charge)

Line Card Pricing

One-Page Design $200
Two-Page Design $300
Four-Page Design $500


1-2 weeks

Graphic Design for Symphony Orchestras

Symphony orchestras benefit from my extensive 10+ years of experience in designing for their industry, ensuring expertly crafted marketing materials that resonate with their target audience.

AESTHETIC APPEAL: Professionally designed materials capture attention with visually appealing elements, leaving a lasting impression.

CONSISTENT BRANDING: Design expertise ensures that materials align with the orchestra’s brand, enhancing recognition and credibility.

ENGAGEMENT OPTIMIZATION: Designs are created with a deep understanding of the orchestra’s marketing objectives and audience, resulting in increased patron engagement.

DEADLINE ADHERENCE: Professional management of workflow and deadlines ensures materials are completed and ready for distribution on time.

PRINT QUALITY: An in-depth knowledge of color profiles and printing processes guarantees high-quality output for both digital and print materials, enhancing the overall impact.

Expansive Design Possibilities:

  • Advertisements (digital or print)
  • Postcard
  • Posters
  • Rack cards
  • Web banners
  • Website Update
  • Ticket and ticket holders
  • Program books,
  • Email templates
  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Invitations
  • Appeal letters layout

What’s Included:

  • Initial Design Discussion: We start the process with an email, phone, or Zoom consultation, delving into your design requirements, your preferred design elements, style choices, color schemes, and the season’s theme.
  • Draft Design Timing: The timing for the initial design draft varies depending on the project’s scope. For instance, if you’re looking for an advertisement, expect the first draft in just 2-3 business days. For more extensive endeavors like program book design, I’ll adjust the timeframe accordingly.
  • Endless Revisions: I’m committed to perfecting your design. Therefore, I offer unlimited revisions to ensure the end result aligns with your vision.
  • Final Files Delivery


Depends on the project. For example, newspaper advertisement design starts at $200


Depends on the project. For example, newspaper advertisement turn-around is 2-3 business days