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Project: Design and Print a Product Line Card for Eagle High International

Line Card Design
Product Line Card Design

Client: Eagle High International, a globally recognized aerospace supplier.

Project Scope: My task was to craft a comprehensive line card for Eagle High International encompassing their logo, the industries they serve, certifications, contact details, materials, and the range of products they offer.

The Design Journey: The initial step involved a collaborative discussion with my client to gain a deep understanding of their brand identity and the services they provide. They shared their design preferences, favored color palettes, and even offered some mock designs as references.

In just 24 hours, I had developed a draft in alignment with the client’s requirements. Our subsequent collaboration entailed several rounds of fine-tuning to achieve the perfect design that truly represented the essence of Eagle High International.

Once the design was perfected and approved, I promptly delivered two print-ready PDF files to my client, accompanied by clear instructions for their use. Additionally, I provided a competitive quote for printing services, and the client chose to proceed with me for the production of their line cards.

My diligent efforts were met with approval and appreciation. The client expressed their satisfaction with the final design and praised my efficient, adaptable, and detail-oriented approach.

Client Testimonial:

“Thank you so much for sending the files over. Everyone is so pleased with the line card… Your patience and keen eye for detail have truly made a difference. Thank you again!”

Project: Design and print a vendor line card for GTS Technical Sales

GTS logo

Client: GTS Technical Sales is a distributor offering a wide range of industrial and commercial products based in Delaware

Line Card Specifications:

  • Create a two-page design (front and back)
  • Include a logo of each company they represent
  • Feature a categorized list of industrial and commercial products they carry
  • Include essential contact information

Additional Services Provided:

  • Printing services for the line card
GTS Tech Sales Line Card Design
GTS Line Card Design Front Side

Bolt and Pipe Chart Designs

Additional charts designed for GTS Technical Sales: a Bold Chart and A Pipe Chart

Pipe Chart Design
Bolt Chart Design

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Project: Design a Vendor line card for ABBEY Mec-Tric

Abbey Mec-Tric logo

Client: Abbey Mec-Tric is a manufacturer’ representative and distributor of process control equipment.

Vendor Line Card Design
Line Card Design

Project: A line card design for Multipli Machine Inc.

MultiPli Machine Logo

A representative from Multipli Machinery, a prominent player in paperboard manufacturing with over three decades of experience, reached out to me for the design of a line card.

They provided a set of high-resolution logos belonging to their affiliates and business partners, which I prominently featured on the front side of the card along with Multipli Machinery’s contact information.

For the back side, our collaborative decision was to include a hardness comparison chart and captivating photos showcasing the client’s equipment.

Multipli Machine Vendor Line card
Multipli Machine Vendor Line card design

Project: Create a Line Card for Flosaver

Flosaver Logo
  • My task was to create a comprehensive line card for Flosaver, highlighting their range of Air Reduction & Efficiency Valves.
  • Technical data to be included comprised details on various valve sizes, the diameter of each valve size, and the types of pipes with which these valves are compatible.
  • Additionally, I was given space to provide an overview of Flosaver, elucidating the company’s mission and goals.
  • Initial feedback on the first drafts was highly positive, with the client remarking that the designs surpassed their expectations.
  • Following the delivery of the final files, the client expressed a need for an editable version, leading to the creation of a PDF that allows for logo changes and contact information editing. This feature enhances the line card’s usability for resellers and partners.
Line Card Design
Editable Line Card Design

Project: Create a 4-page Line Card (Booklet) for an Industrial Valves Supplier – J M Valve, Inc.

J&M Logo

The client, J&M Valve, Inc., a major supplier of industrial valves and tube fittings, reached out to me via my website.

They sought a redesign of their existing 6-page line card, with the goal of adding two new product lines and condensing all the essential information into a streamlined 4-page design. This would allow their representatives to easily review the company’s product offerings.

After completing the design, I provided a printing quote for 2500 booklets, promptly accepted by the client, solidifying our collaboration.

In addition, I had the privilege of enhancing J&M Valve, Inc.’s existing website with updated information, further strengthening their online presence.

Project: Create a Line Card for a Cooling Tower and Air-Cooled Condenser Manufacturer – RBE Incorporated

Line Card Design RBE Incorporated

RBE Incorporated, a renowned leader in high-quality equipment, service, and design for the power generation, industrial, refrigeration, and HVAC markets, reached out to me through my website.

They sought the creation of a line card for their company, with a design in line with the style showcased on my website.

Promptly, they provided all the necessary information, including logos and images.

Upon presenting the initial draft, I received feedback that encapsulated their satisfaction: “The line card looks perfect. Thank you so much. No changes required.”

Project: Create an Electronics Manufacturing Line Card for BSU

BSU logo

The client: BSU Inc., with three decades of experience, specializes in Electronics Contract Manufacturing & Engineering Design Services, catering to diverse industries, including Military & Aerospace, IoT, Entertainment, High Reliability, Industrial, Commercial, Oil & Gas, and Medical sectors.”

Client Engagement:

The client initiated contact via email, seeking a comprehensive two-page line card design for BSU Inc. Their request specified the following content for the front side:

  • Company Philosophy
  • Markets and Customers
  • Capabilities
  • Compliance

For the back side, the client intended to provide detailed information about all the services offered by BSU Inc., ensuring clarity and completeness.

The client also supplied all necessary photos in a high-resolution format to facilitate the design process.

Line Card Front side design
Line Card Design

Project: Update and redesign a line card for a Metal distributor company

Trident Metals Logo

The Trident Company, known for its wide array of top-quality metal products tailored for diverse industries, reached out online to update and redesign their line card.

The client provided:

  • A fresh company logo
  • New photographs
  • A scanned copy of their existing line card with the requested changes.

After some back-and-forth, The Trident Company opted to split the information into two separate line cards: one for materials and another for processing capabilities.

The collaborative process of revisions continued until everyone gave the final design a thumbs-up.


Wiltech Inc., a company providing an array of industrial and commercial piping system products, was referred to me by one of my long-term clients.

Upon their initial contact via email, Wiltech Inc. expressed the need for a line card design.

The client provided essential materials, including company logos, copy, and high-resolution images.

Subsequently, after completing the design, I presented a printing quote, which Wiltech Inc. promptly accepted, sealing a successful collaboration.

Wiltech Line Card

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Whether you require a Product Line Card or Vendor Line Card, your search ends here.

With more than a decade of expertise, I specialize in crafting exceptional line cards to elevate your business presence within the industrial manufacturing and distribution sectors.