Nadia with her kids

Hey there!

I’m Nadia, an experienced freelance graphic designer based in North Dallas, Texas. I work with a wide variety of clients all over the world, and I’m ready and excited to turn your design dreams into reality.

What I’ve studied

Aside from graphic design being my first love (not that I mention this to my husband), I studied classical arts at Voronezh Art College in my home country, Russia and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Print Production from Wilmington University in Delaware. For the last 14 years, I’ve worked as a graphic designer, putting both my education and love of design to good use!

What I’ve designed

My portfolio is as diverse as it is extensive. From the early days of designing menus and brochures to taking on complex projects like book layouts and cover designs, my experience covers a broad spectrum. A highlight of my career was the 8 years spent with the Delaware Symphony Orchestra, where I shaped their brand identity through program books, advertisements, postcards, and season brochures. My most recent endeavor has been with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, where I continue to refine my skills.

Running parallel to these roles, I’ve successfully managed my own design business for over 14 years. Freelancing has been a thrilling journey, allowing me to collaborate on incredible projects and push the boundaries of creativity.

Currently, my focus is on symphony orchestra design projects and crafting line cards for industrial manufacturing businesses.

Why work with me?

I realize I’ve already mentioned this, but I can’t emphasize it enough. Graphic design has never been just a job for me; it’s my first love! I have a keen eye for detail and take a flexible approach. I’ll ensure that my work fits your design needs, and exceeds your expectations.

And what about the cost? Unlike large marketing agencies, I don’t have extra expenses and overheads, making my prices affordable. Plus, my printing experience means that you’ll receive a print-ready file from me, even if you decide to print somewhere else.

Get in touch!

To work with me, simply drop me an email detailing your ideas – no idea or question is too big or too small! You can also give me a call, although I should warn you that my two little children quite enjoy discussing graphic design ideas too. If you let me know by email what day and time are best to call you, I’ll make sure we’re uninterrupted! As much as I love my kids’ art, it’s not quite up to my high standard…

Thank you so much for checking out my business, and I’m excited to hear from you!