Golf Tournament Booklet 2014

This is the second year I designed Golf Tournament booklet for non-profit organization called Beat-the-Beast. You can see the previous year design here.

Beat the Beast is a great organization. Here is their mission statement:

Our Mission at Beat the Beast is to raises funds to battle cancer. We also bring people together to celebrate the victories and to remember the loved ones lost in the fight. The funds raised are used for research, building awareness, and /or patient care.

The booklet had 8 pages and  was printed on a 100lb. gloss paper.



After the booklets were printed and delivered to the client, I got a phone call saying that the tournament date was changed due to the forecast. We had to come up with affordable solution to announce the new date. Custom-sized sticker seems to be a great idea. I played around with different shapes, and come to the conclusion, that red flag shaped sticker is the way to go. It was easy to apply to the cover, it stand out and it looked nice in the overall design.