Brochure Design in Dallas, TX

Project: 4-panel Brochure Design for a Financial Advisor

Client: Financial House

Project: To develop a Financial Advisor brochure that focuses on company’s strengths of being trusted, personal financial advisors and further distinguishes Financial House from the competition.

Brochure Layout: I created a  24(w)X9(h) brochure folded to 6X9 (4-panel roll fold) with a detachable business reply card.


Tri-fold Brochure Design for a Technology-based Company

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Client: Arkion Life Sciences

Project: to create and print a tri-fold brochure.

This a marketing piece for a product called Stop the Drop, which is a geese repellent. The goal of the brochure was to inform about the product and its use.

Season Brochure for Delaware Symphony Orchestra

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Client: Delaware Symphony Orchestra

Project: I was hired to create Delaware Symphony Orchestra brochure design  for 2015-2016 season. I also printed brochures and did direct mailing.

Brochure Theme: The season of the Bells.

 Trifold Brochure Design for Delaware Symphony Orchestra (2014-2015 season)

Client: Delaware Symphony Orchestra

Project: Tri-fold brochure design  for 2014-2015 season.